Meet The Cooking Station Creator...

Hello Everyone, I am Tiffany Crowther, the creator of The Cooking Station.  I wanted to tell you a little about myself.  I love the Lord first and foremost.  Without my relationship with the Lord I would not be the person I am today.  My family is my world!  I have been married for 16 years to my amazing husband, we have three wonderful children and a sweet dog named Magnolia.  My husband and kids have been very involved in all my endeavors.  You will see my kiddos and husband pop into my videos from time to time. We love to travel and spent time with each other as well as being with our extended family.  I enjoy watching my kids play sports and act in musicals. 

I grew up in Tennessee so you might hear a y’all in there from time to time.  I love to laugh so expect that to happen in videos from time to time.  If we aren’t having fun in the kitchen, why are we there.  I love to make all kinds of foods as well as baked goods.  I love decorating cakes, having Nailed It competitions and seeing people become successful in their own kitchens.  

I have cooked and baked for as many years as I can remember and have loved every minute of it.  I owned a store front location of The Cooking Station where I taught kiddos to cook and bake.  Unfortunately, I had to shut the store down when covid hit.  My love for getting kids and ANYONE for that matter in the kitchen has turned into a virtual platform.  I hope you enjoy the videos and recipes and I look forward to continuing to be with you all.